6 Park News – New Jersey company wants to develop $440M of warehouses in Orange

The Hudson Valley landscape could soon be dotted with $ 440 million in new warehouses and distribution centers if RDM Group Inc.’s Mahwah, NJ plans go through.

“We are focused exclusively on the development of industrial storage properties,” Isaac Neuman, the real estate specialist who manages RDM’s development activities, told the Business Journal. “RDM likes raw land offerings and we see opportunities to add value.”

RDM, which stands for “Real Deal Management,” has recently been active in drafting contracts for the purchase of land in Orange County and seeking development approvals from municipalities.

He has plans that would bring new developments to Goshen, Wallkill, Middletown, Chester, Wawayanda, and Hamptonburgh. RDM would be tailored for users or based on speculation and then offer spaces for rent.

RDM is not the only entity interested in building warehouses and distribution centers in the county. NAI Platform, Matrix Development Group, City View Commercial, Bluewater Property Group and Weiss Realty are among those that have been active in proposing or undertaking warehouse construction in Orange.

RDM has been working on plans that could create 14 warehouses totaling 4 million square feet with an estimated value of $ 440 million, according to Neuman’s calculations.

“We have some plans for possible additional properties that we are still investigating,” Neuman said. “We are always interested in finding another space that works for us. We do a lot of research on the sites. To get to those 14 sites and 4 million square feet of development, we have to go through multiple sites to find the right locations. “

Representation of the proposed RDM warehouse on Davidson Drive in Chester, NY.

Neuman said that when the company began seeking approvals for a project at Dolsontown Road es Wawayanda, it found that the city’s desire was to concentrate industrial activities in that area. Due to proposals from RDM and other developers, the city decided that an extensive environmental review was needed, especially in light of the high volume of truck traffic expected.

“We continue to buy or obtain contracts to buy other sites on both sides of Dolsontown Road,” Neuman said. “We are going to begin construction next month on our first project at 1081 Dolsontown Road and then we will continue to develop that street into the Wawayanda Industrial Park,” Neuman said.

He said the municipalities his firm has dealt with in Orange County have been pro-business and understand that the development benefits both them and those behind the projects.

“We are happy to work with the municipalities where we have our developments,” Neuman said. “Sometimes we rent it before we have all four walls up. I would say that 50% of our sites are busy when we are in the middle of the approval stage. The other 50% is speculative. “

Neuman said the Covid-19 pandemic has helped drive people to use e-commerce platforms, leading to an increase in online retail sales and creating a need for additional warehousing and distribution centers of last Mille.

“RDM has focused on the industry and it was before the market started to heat up. RDM intends to stay in that market, ”Neuman said. “We are open to any development in the surrounding counties. We are looking forward to reaching larger deals and possibly industrial parks in the future to make space available for smaller users. “

Neuman said one feature that attracted the company to Orange County was New York’s Stewart International Airport. RDM’s attention turned to the airport in May 2019 when Kalitta Air, an air cargo service that operates around 30 Boeing 747 and 767 freighters, announced that it was beginning to operate at Stewart instead of John F. Kennedy. International.

Kalitta’s decision was seen as further proof that Orange County was growing as a mecca for warehousing and distribution.

Neuman also pointed to the New York State Freeway, I-84 and Route 17, for which expansion plans have been in the works for several years, as major trucking routes.

“RDM started about seven years ago. We have developments in central and northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania active at the moment and we are looking to take other locations and become a little more national in our growth, “said Neuman.